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YELLOW Fascinates Me!

Posted by themischord on April 29, 2004

Two roads diverge in a yellow wood,
Being one traveller I couldn't travel both

Between the foilage in Frost's poem and a lemon on a tree, there are many shades of yellow in life.

Yellow is the color of

Joy … the garments worn by an indian bride are auspiciously coloured tumeric yellow

Memories … as I flip through the old book, the pages yellow with age hold innumerable memories

War … I fall sick, my body turns pale yellow but doesn't it fight the disease?

Beauty … the moon in it's full has always a shade of yellow

Prosperity … yellow is the colour of the expanse of fields before the harvest

Courage … what would u shade a tiger in the wild?

Tranquility … the bracelet on the wrist of a mother craddling her clild, isn't it golden yellow?

Music … it is the yellow beaked Mynah and not the black beaked crow that sings so melodiously

Friendship … yellow is the colour of friendship band that adorns my wrist

Yellow is the colour of seasons
scorching sun in summer,
wild flowers blooming in spring,
leaves shed in fall,
rainbow rising in the rains

So, it must be something more than wavelength that makes yellow a primary colour of life. True isn't it???

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