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Living Dead

Posted by themischord on December 1, 2004

Humanity raves of blissful heavens
and wretched limbos
Preaches the path of conscience
to reach that serene land
But what thou crime is it,
the most venal, the most vile
that be forgiven by me
When I am left but living dead…

Tears flow out, cause no pain,
no remorse within
What sin do they abluere
when I am but living dead…

Where life is a no desire,
And death a distant dream
In search of a sustaining reason
I'm here alone, a living dead…

Engulfed in darkness, the human sorrow
so base, so weak,
Yet magically resurrecting
It has created a living dead…

But the strongest of all,
is the unabashed emotion
The little found one called Faith
It will someday make, the dead living.


6 Responses to “Living Dead”

  1. i really enjoyed your poem, what was your motivation?

  2. Mischord said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Autumn Sky said

    When life’s lost its meaning and nothing seems right,
    Thoughts dissapear in the deep chasms of the mind.
    Drawn beyond the lines of reason, the heart weeps a silent cry,
    Memories of my love haunt me for days without end.

    Is this my life? Is this what I deserve for all i’ve done?
    A forlorn existence of misery without her in sight,
    Only memories of the good times we had when things were right
    Emotions and joy no more, I dwell like but the living dead.

    For I know I must stand my ground, stop dwelling in the past,
    There’s a long road ahead I need to walk.
    Try to live with sweet memories and thoughts left behind.
    My faith in my love will give me strength,
    That’ll bring me back to life from the living dead.

    Somewhere over the rainbow, I see a glimmer of hope,
    That’ll help me get back to where I was.
    The cruelty in life is sometimes self-evident,
    But I must survive through and endure the pain.
    I believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel,
    Cos if there ain’t, then god is insane!

  4. Rajan said

    Good expression of the fact that faith/hope is a ( probably the only ) thing that has no anti-dote.

  5. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

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