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Keep It Complex

Posted by themischord on May 2, 2005

While writing my previous post, it occured to me why people like to use graphs, equations, notations or anything mathematical to formally illustrate ideas. It is certainly an effort to make simple things look complicated. But why is it really done? The human psychology may be the reason for this. We never ponder upon a simple fact stated simply. But when it is stated in a more obscure fashion, we spend time in trying to understand it. We try to think of its ramifications. This leads to corollories and new ideas.

How would you then define Mathematics?

Simple abstraction of Complex ideas
Complex abstraction of Simple ideas

While most people would agree with the first statement, my guess is that math-phobics and mathematicians would prefer the second.

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Friendship, Companionship, Love and Marriage

Posted by themischord on May 2, 2005

Friendship, Companionship, Love and Marriage. That is how we can arrange the four most prevalant relationships in the increasing order of emotional and spiritual bondage. The graph below is a simple effort to illustrate this simple idea in a complex manner so I will not explain it. Friendship is marked in blue, Companionship in green, Love in red and Marriage in yellow.

Someone who agrees with the graph will then agree to this
"Marriage is a friendly companionship with a loved one to help you lead a spiritual life."

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Qualifying Relationships

Posted by themischord on May 2, 2005

It is an accepted confusion that we find it difficult to qualify relationships. There are two simple criteria which can help us here. No offence to the hir community, but I'll hereby refer to the object to be qualified as 'he'. Me being a woman is the only reason for this.

1. Do you like the person for what he is?
2. Do you like the person for what he is to you?

Many people satisfy criterion 2. They make good friends and companions. We like to hang out with them. They make us feel good about ourselves.

A few people satisfy criterion 1. These are the ones we refer to as role models, mentors and gurus. We try to think like them in resolving conflicts. They make us feel good about them.

Anyone whose lived beyond 20 would not disagree that finding a person who satisfies criterion 1 and 2 is just too rare. I was being very positive in saying that. Personally I think it is close to impossible. These are the people who help us know ourselves. They are the one source of inspiration, strength and empathy. They make us feel good about life.

I can think of three people who satisfy both the criteria for me. Darcy from 'Pride and Prejudice', Howard Roark from 'The Fountain Head' and Dirk Pitt from Clive Cussler's Adventure series. To answer the immediate question that will spring up in your mind, "How did you verify these characters to satisfy criterion 2?", I'll have to make the confession of having picked up the best lead female character in all the books for myself.

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Single Positive Flippant

Posted by themischord on May 2, 2005

Consider living life to be the process of experiencing a set of views. People, roles, things, relationships, the past, the future, they are all out there. But we view the same life differently on different occassions. Some occassions mask the brighter aspects while some the darker. But there is always a view which makes us feel good. This is what is called the "Positive Flippant". The 'positive' aspect doesn't need much explanation. I use the term 'flippant' to emphasize that this is just another view so simple that we tend to overlook it.

People who wake up each morning with a smile are the ones who have stocked an abundance of "Positive Flippants". Though each one of us is not blessed with such a gift, we sure have a "Single Positive Flippant" which keeps us going.

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What’s In Here

Posted by themischord on May 2, 2005

Today I was chatting with a friend. She was very depressed and confused about life. As I tried to help her clear out things, I realized there were many discreet set of ideas that powered my outlook. Most often, I keep repeating these ideas to people around me. So it is just time that I put them in writing. More so, to repeat them to myself when I need them.

This is a serious effort to write down some of my theories. Actually simple ideas which I will wrap in some lingo to give them the guise of a theory. Any humour evoked is not intentional and I will consider it to be serendipity.

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