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Friendship, Companionship, Love and Marriage

Posted by themischord on May 2, 2005

Friendship, Companionship, Love and Marriage. That is how we can arrange the four most prevalant relationships in the increasing order of emotional and spiritual bondage. The graph below is a simple effort to illustrate this simple idea in a complex manner so I will not explain it. Friendship is marked in blue, Companionship in green, Love in red and Marriage in yellow.

Someone who agrees with the graph will then agree to this
"Marriage is a friendly companionship with a loved one to help you lead a spiritual life."


4 Responses to “Friendship, Companionship, Love and Marriage”

  1. Rajan said

    Have you been reading too much of richard bach lately 🙂 ??

  2. mnssk said

    ks!..thinking of marriage and companions already?? :))

    btw, when are you getting married!?

  3. Mischord said

    Hey! Hey! I’ve neither been reading nor writing mush. Spare me! As I wrote earlier, these thoughts came along coz of a friend.

  4. athmann said


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