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Single Positive Flippant

Posted by themischord on May 2, 2005

Consider living life to be the process of experiencing a set of views. People, roles, things, relationships, the past, the future, they are all out there. But we view the same life differently on different occassions. Some occassions mask the brighter aspects while some the darker. But there is always a view which makes us feel good. This is what is called the "Positive Flippant". The 'positive' aspect doesn't need much explanation. I use the term 'flippant' to emphasize that this is just another view so simple that we tend to overlook it.

People who wake up each morning with a smile are the ones who have stocked an abundance of "Positive Flippants". Though each one of us is not blessed with such a gift, we sure have a "Single Positive Flippant" which keeps us going.


2 Responses to “Single Positive Flippant”

  1. Kiran said

    My brother once told me that there should be a new philosophy called the Program-philosophy. “What does a program do ? It just does its job programatically. It doesnt feel bad about food, sleep or cute little girls. We should also follow the same tactic.” Then I said, the reason why we can’t do that is because the program has a purpose. It will fulfil that purpose and then terminate itself. Sadly, we dont have any purpose. If only we find a purpose to fulfill, nothing can affect us in doing that.

    What you should realize is that the positive+flippants is your true purpose in life. Only then they will work.

  2. mnssk said

    we are not programs…we are humans..
    and hence life sucks!

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