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Setting Out On Swecha…

Posted by themischord on October 16, 2005

For sometime now, I've been involved in some interesting activity with the Free Software Foundation of AP. Sat down to write about my experiences many times, but the flood never reached there. The other day a friend told me that he had a reverie: farmers in AP after having read articles by Bunny and me started reading wikipedia and blogs, their problems began to getting resolved and they stopped resorting to suicide! This is truly a DREAM. I would live just to see it come true. It is very gratifying to know that the little things we are doing are finding a place in others thoughts. So I'll take the responsibility of being more responsible in updating my other blog

This will be a very personal account of my experiences. Please keep checking it out and drop in your comments. It is good to be heard, encouraging to be responded to and empowering to know there are more out there.


3 Responses to “Setting Out On Swecha…”

  1. Kiran said

    wow.. I read bunny’s articles and felt very good. bunny is one-range. I hope this effort goes a long way and creates a new hope and education in people.

  2. where can we get to read the articles? urls pls…

  3. hey chaitanya…dont say these are ‘little’ things..:-)–>

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