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Long Due… My Articles in Prajasakti

Posted by themischord on February 24, 2006

For a few months now, I’ve been writing in the tech column of a daily newspaper called Prajasakti. Although it is not all that glamorous to write articles in Telugu, given that a I am real tyro with no prior writing experience, this has been a great chance for me to learn. Importantly, I got to write articles on some good topics. I am particulary proud of my first one which was on Wikipedia. I also wrote something on Mozilla Firefox, Web Syndication (RSS and Atom) and Free Software on Windows.

If you have had patience to read any of them, don’t forget to give me your feedback 🙂


One Response to “Long Due… My Articles in Prajasakti”

  1. Anon said

    I’ve gone through your article on wikipedia. Many times when I read a technical article written in telugu, I encounter words which are correct but archaic and not used in daily life. Not too many like that in your article.

    There are couple of places where better words could have been used:
    – This one stopped my reading and made me chuckle. Under GNU Free Document License, you used the word ‘chengu’ while trying to say ‘bound by’. I believe there are better words to say it. Something like ‘copyright needalo padakunda’ or ‘copyright cheralo padakunda’.
    – Under wikinews, copyright tho vache ‘egudu digullu’ can be replaced by ‘ibbandulu’.

    Good work!

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