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Agent Orange

Posted by themischord on May 25, 2006

War calls for strategies. One such purported 'strategy' adopted during the vietnam war was to deny the enemy food. This was done by massively spraying herbicides and defoliants over agricultural tracts. Agent Orange is one of the herbicides which was used. It is known to contain high concentrations of dioxins, chemical components which can cause many kinds of cancers and disorders.

Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders who were victims of Agent Orange, were paid compensations in and out of courts. But sadly, the vietnamese who let 6 million acres of their farmland be destroyed were paid none. Ah but yes, US was ready to accept an apology from them for the loss they had caused their country.

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Posted by themischord on May 24, 2006

At 21, I knew of only one major war: World War II. Episodes of the concentration camps would make me cry. More revelations, more tears now. The world has witnessed and is witnessing many more planned genocides and pogroms than what one is aware of. I will blog about them. Pieces of war stories and atrocities.

Battles shed blood, of soldiers brave
Wars shed humanity, for power a few crave.

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Justice Needed, Not Charity

Posted by themischord on May 10, 2006

From Bono's remarks to the National Prayer Breakfast "Here’s some good news for the President. After 9-11 we were told America would have no time for the World’s poor. America would be taken up with its own problems of safety. And it’s true these are dangerous times, but America has not drawn the blinds and double-locked the doors.

In fact, you have double aid to Africa. You have tripled funding for global health. Mr. President, your emergency plan for AIDS relief and support for the Global Fund—you and Congress—have put 700,000 people onto life-saving anti-retroviral drugs and provided 8 million bed nets to protect children from malaria.

Outstanding human achievements. Counterintuitive. Historic. Be very, very proud.

But here’s the bad news. From charity to justice, the good news is yet to come. There’s is much more to do. There’s a gigantic chasm between the scale of the emergency and the scale of the response.

And finally, it’s not about charity after all, is it? It’s about justice."

The ONE Campaign claims that a 1% increase in the US federal budget for humanitarian aid could help:

  • Prevent 10 million children from becoming AIDS orphans
  • Get 104 million children into grade school.
  • Provide water to almost 900 million people around the globe.
  • Save almost 6.5 million children under 5 from dying of diseases that could be prevented with low-cost measures like vaccination or a well for clean water.

It is mind blowing to think of the economic imbalances in the world we live in. And it is a no lesser known fact that this was achieved by systematic exploitation. It is true world over, not just Africa. Justice is needed. Not charity. Atleast, not merely charity.

The few who fail to agree on this should look at the HIV/AIDS prevalance levels in Africa. Almost every country has an infection rate of more than 10%. These rates are survived by the fact that the available medical treatment is unaffordable to almost the entire population. A mere single digit percentage of the infected population is treated with the help of grants and aid. These are the people whose country, labour, resources, trade has been exploited. They stand waiting to be exterminated.

We have something to think about here. And raise voice?

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