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Agent Orange

Posted by themischord on May 25, 2006

War calls for strategies. One such purported 'strategy' adopted during the vietnam war was to deny the enemy food. This was done by massively spraying herbicides and defoliants over agricultural tracts. Agent Orange is one of the herbicides which was used. It is known to contain high concentrations of dioxins, chemical components which can cause many kinds of cancers and disorders.

Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders who were victims of Agent Orange, were paid compensations in and out of courts. But sadly, the vietnamese who let 6 million acres of their farmland be destroyed were paid none. Ah but yes, US was ready to accept an apology from them for the loss they had caused their country.


One Response to “Agent Orange”

  1. Harsha said

    GUess what? US always does what it wants to but it does realises its sins/blunders etc… sometimes not forgetting to say “SORRY” 😐

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