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Edubuntu for Schools

Posted by themischord on October 9, 2006

My next article for Prajasakti is on using Edubuntu in schools for improved teaching. Ever since I read prasad’s post, I’ve been a little uncomfortable about Ubuntu. But I went ahead and wrote the article. But now, I’m wondering if I should have recommended Freeduc instead.


One Response to “Edubuntu for Schools”

  1. Prem said

    Could you please provide a translation for the article you have written? I am looking for all the material I can get my hands on, so that I can build an arsenal of arguments while trying to convince the various school authorities about the importance of FLOSS @ Education in general and Edubuntu in particular.

    BTW, Edubuntu has come a long way since this post and we at Prajna : Cognizant FLOSS Corps recommend this for schools. 🙂

    Also, if you know of any site that hosts the school textbooks of AP online, pls drop a line in my post:

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