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No Dignity For Me

Posted by themischord on November 6, 2006

He turned away, hoping to come back
with more pennies, to buy him a lunch.
How I longed to say, “Stop brother! Let me get u some”
But dignity stopped me. Not mine, his.

Wretched life this, food, drink, shelter,
love, comfort and hope… got it all
But no dignity left for me.
Can’t relish another meal.

Rich lands of inequality
Narrow minds and greedy hearts
Children without a future.
No escape, but to live here.
Having to die just so, doesn’t keep me alive.

I pray and pray and pray
Hurt, tired and bleeding
For dignity, and a nightful of sleep.
I am told, strength is in faith,
and beauty in attempt.


One Response to “No Dignity For Me”

  1. arvind said

    beauty in attempt.echo my thoughts.

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