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Hindi Seekhna/Seekhni Hai?

Posted by themischord on November 17, 2006

Talaash thi jis saahil ki, nazar mein hai
Intezaar tha jis manzil ki, dagar mein hai
Leher hoon, saahil ko chooke guzarna hai
Musafir hoon, manzil ko paakar chalte jana hai

That was tough for me to write. I think I have a decent vocabulary in Hindi, but grammar drives me nuts! I can never figure out the genders for the nouns. With online Hindi dictionaries disappointing me with their interfaces, I finally had to resort to searching lyrics of hindi songs. Bollywood rocks miya!

An hour to pen a few lines of morning-brushing-teeth thoughts? Help!


2 Responses to “Hindi Seekhna/Seekhni Hai?”

  1. arvind said

    atleast we know its original.
    true, grammar shaky.

  2. Lowell said

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