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Posted by themischord on January 23, 2007

Earth has not anything to show more fair:
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty:

(Wordsworth on Westminster Bridge)

I should have been born in the time of Wordsworth to agree with that. London today stands little close to that. Although the city didn’t exactly fit into my expectations of a ‘romantic’ (referred purely to architecture) one, it offers a visitor much to live and feel. With every stone talking history, it felt like I lived the ages.

My strongest annoyance is the London skyline – a motley of architecture from eras I won’t even try to guess. A view from the Tower of London, drove me mad. Really, how can the city council allow this?! Glass buildings to backdrop William’s fortress. Huh!



But on my second visit to the place, here was a sudden moment of inflection when I felt I was parallely existing in different times. Imagine being in multiple times, like we are virtually in multiple places when watching tv. Awesome! No sci-fi novel can beat that experience. Thanks London!

London is full of interesting places. But the best I would rate, are the museums. Greenwich, place of the prime meridian has a maritime museum with the earliest clocks and devices used in navigation. It’s extremely inspiring to walkthrough the progress of a civilization. The British Museum is my other favorite. No words for their collection. I had to be dragged away from the Rosetta Stone by my friends, who couldn’t understand what was the big deal with a stone. Now here is where I am with the historians. I believe that history is not only a fascinating story, but a compass directing to the future. What a fantasy to be digging the earth, instead of lines of computer code!

Other things to mention –

Westminster Abbey – the dead live here
Cullinan – the largest diamond in the world
Guard change at Buckingham Palace – much ado about nothing?!
Koh-i-noor – the diamond taken away from my home country, originally excavated in my home town
Canary Wharf – an exteremly picturesque corporate location
British Museum Library – breath-taking, fascinating, awesome and awe-inspiring

A thought… I heard this, more than once, from more than one person – “Koh-i-noor is ours. Why doesn’t the Government of India do anything to bring it back?” I wonder, should these people (includes me), who have left their country for reasons not so platonic, even bother?


2 Responses to “London”

  1. santhosh said

    more pictures pls.

  2. Swapna said

    Blaming me for dragging you away dont worry lets make another trip to British museum

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