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Can’t Be Patriotic

Posted by themischord on January 26, 2007

Miles away from my country, as many do, I feel more ‘Indian’ now than I ever did. I did not forget that today, 26th January, is a historic milestone for my country. But that doesn’t make me patriotic. I never felt patriotic. Not when I religiously sang the national anthem. Not when I saluted the flag. Not when I made speeches at length on how to build a better India. In my younger days, without reasoning, I accepted this to be a personal fallacy. A failure for passionate association. I can reason it better now.

If it weren’t for the British, would I be an ‘Indian‘ today? No, maybe simply a ‘Hyderabadi’. Maybe the only binding factor would be some kind of an ‘Indian Union’, like the European Union. Noting that such unions are formed for economic and not cultural or social reasons, I would not be singing

“Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha, Dravida Utkala Banga.
Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga, Ucchala Jaladhi Taranga”

I would have grown up learning to be loyal to some ‘my country’. My teachers would have preached the principles of patriotism, but now in the context of some ‘my country’. And this is just my contention. Country boundaries are so much a matter of chance. I wish we didn’t have boundaries. I wish I didn’t need visas to travel.

I wish ‘association‘ did not mean ‘division‘.


2 Responses to “Can’t Be Patriotic”

  1. Dhiraj said

    Sometime back, somebody asked me the question “Why should I love my country”. It made me think and form the same opinions as mentioned here by you. [It was tough to not to be patriotic because that was
    what I had been taught all along these years :-)]
    That’s why somebody said “वसुधैव कुथुम्बकम्”.
    We should transcend beyond our narrow/illusionary boundaries of self/family/community/nation and embrace the supreme binding factor called Humanity.

  2. The post was meant to convey exactly this… humanity is a more natural binding factor, not patriotism. I’m glad someone got what I wanted to say.

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