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Life Must Go On …

Posted by themischord on March 13, 2007

I work in my university’s alumni travel department. Today, I get a call from a lady who is all excited about our French Alps trip. Yeah, I hear that every day. She tells how much she wants to visit the museum at Florence her son strongly recommended. And then her voice breaks down, as she tells me that he was a helicopter pilot and was shot down in the French Alps. She has no idea what mission he was on, where he was headed or why he was on an unarmed carrier.

I wonder how strong a person one needs to be, to live with such a loss. She says, “Maybe I won’t ski, but my son said that he loved to ski there, so I’m all excited about this…”.

I keep telling my friends (and myself too) often, that maybe the greatest truth is that we are alive, and life must go on, against all odds.

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Andy and Bill’s Law

Posted by themischord on March 8, 2007

“What Andy giveth, Bill taketh away.”The origin of this was a funny one-liner told at computer conferences in the 1990s. It went like this: “What Andy giveth, Bill taketh away.” It meant that every time Andy Grove–then chief executive of Intel brought a new chip to market, Bill Gates then CEO of Microsoft would upgrade his software and soak up the new chip’s power.

Mr. Gates, when you take away something good, give us back something good too.

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Posted by themischord on March 7, 2007

Watched this Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship on TV and I’m more than just awed. Apart from the fact that the participants made interesting sand sculptures, I thought the competition rules were really unique. Through out the duration of the competition, the organizers randomly pick a team and blast their structure, making the team start all over again! Ah, and that’s not it, when a structure gets blasted, the others too get affected, what they call as ‘collateral’ damage. And one team actually put sand ‘cannon’ balls in their structure, to ensure that if they went down, they would bring others down too. What an idea!

Check out the photos. They looked better on tv and I bet they looked even better on the beach. How I hated to see them being blasted. Umm… given that I still preserve my painting from high school days- half done and half eaten by termites, I can’t obviously see those pieces of art go bham!

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