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Andy and Bill’s Law

Posted by themischord on March 8, 2007

“What Andy giveth, Bill taketh away.”The origin of this was a funny one-liner told at computer conferences in the 1990s. It went like this: “What Andy giveth, Bill taketh away.” It meant that every time Andy Grove–then chief executive of Intel brought a new chip to market, Bill Gates then CEO of Microsoft would upgrade his software and soak up the new chip’s power.

Mr. Gates, when you take away something good, give us back something good too.

2 Responses to “Andy and Bill’s Law”

  1. Satish said

    hey chaitu… i can understand your hatred towards MS..but do you equally hate Apple too.. saw the mock video of Steve Jobs in youtube…

  2. Hatred… ah that’s too strong a word for too specific a player like MS. My grievances r deeper 🙂 That video is not about Steve jobs, it’s about Mr.Bush, how is infamous for not figuring out how to pronounce ‘Iraq’ in all these years.

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