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Life Must Go On …

Posted by themischord on March 13, 2007

I work in my university’s alumni travel department. Today, I get a call from a lady who is all excited about our French Alps trip. Yeah, I hear that every day. She tells how much she wants to visit the museum at Florence her son strongly recommended. And then her voice breaks down, as she tells me that he was a helicopter pilot and was shot down in the French Alps. She has no idea what mission he was on, where he was headed or why he was on an unarmed carrier.

I wonder how strong a person one needs to be, to live with such a loss. She says, “Maybe I won’t ski, but my son said that he loved to ski there, so I’m all excited about this…”.

I keep telling my friends (and myself too) often, that maybe the greatest truth is that we are alive, and life must go on, against all odds.

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