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Zen and the Art of Office Management

Posted by themischord on April 25, 2007

My brief tenure as an office assistant has taught me a lot I must say. It is a wonder, how some very simple things are not obvious to people. I feel like screaming out at times! Here is my list of golden principles –

1. Don’t ask people to do things for you. If you are new to the place, ask them how something can be done.

2. Don’t call out for people from your desk. Go to their desk, wait for the person to finish what they r doing and give u attention.

3. When u pick up something from ur colleague’s desk, put it back in place. It is irritating to find one’s table all littered every morning!

4. Even if someone is bitting their nails, u r no one to decide the importance of it. Respect other’s time and space. Request for help and acknowledge their help.

5. Put in more than ur little before asking someone for help. It is not by coincidence that we like to work with people who are ‘self-starters’ and ‘proactive’.

When you quit a job, it is your highest moral duty to ensure that the others in your office don’t miss u!

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‘Daffodils’ Reloaded

Posted by themischord on April 24, 2007

Summer time. I see daffodils blooming all over the lawns and inevitably recall Wordsworth and his poem. And then I wonder, can we have ‘Nature Poets’ in this age? Isn’t talking about daffodils, clouds and brooks out of context? In a time of extreme uncertainty, perennial war, blatant inequality wouldn’t talking of Nature be hypocritical? When I walk on the shores of Lake Michigan, I don’t think as much about how wonderful the lake looks, as I do of those millions of starving children who are not fortunate like me to witness the sight. I guess my point is just that, the context that kindles ‘a true emotion’ in a person needs to be contemporary.

My sister doesn’t agree with me. As she says, this world was never a place of peace. Every age had its share of death and grief, so why should we call today different. Maybe she is right. But I still hold that Romanticism is passe.

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Tux 500: Cool and Crazy

Posted by themischord on April 21, 2007

The Tux 500 team is trying to raise $$ to race the penguine at Indinapolis 500 this year. Some think that this is an interesting way to market Linux and the ‘Free’ idea. Firefox certainly proved the importance of campaigning and people are beginning to take marketing pretty seriously. I just hope, some one doesn’t think of using Britney next. Hahah!

I’m ready to donate my $1, if they put GNU/Linux instead of just Linux on the banner 🙂

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Another Day, Another Life

Posted by themischord on April 11, 2007

I’m not bitten by the world,
but everyone I meet is
Keep walking the mile, wearing a false smile

I got no hold, Just wanna be told,
Hey girl it’s all gonna be right
Another Day, Another Life

Mamma says I got to pair,
ludicrous shit I say, but she don’t care
I’ll do the sin, and let her win

I got no hold, Just wanna be told
Hey girl it’s all gonna be right
Another Day, Another Life

I got no grievance, I swear
Now I know, lifez a beautiful nightmare
Better to sleep, and save the weep

I got no hold, Just wanna be told
Hey girl it’s all gonna be right
Another Day, Another Life

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