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‘Daffodils’ Reloaded

Posted by themischord on April 24, 2007

Summer time. I see daffodils blooming all over the lawns and inevitably recall Wordsworth and his poem. And then I wonder, can we have ‘Nature Poets’ in this age? Isn’t talking about daffodils, clouds and brooks out of context? In a time of extreme uncertainty, perennial war, blatant inequality wouldn’t talking of Nature be hypocritical? When I walk on the shores of Lake Michigan, I don’t think as much about how wonderful the lake looks, as I do of those millions of starving children who are not fortunate like me to witness the sight. I guess my point is just that, the context that kindles ‘a true emotion’ in a person needs to be contemporary.

My sister doesn’t agree with me. As she says, this world was never a place of peace. Every age had its share of death and grief, so why should we call today different. Maybe she is right. But I still hold that Romanticism is passe.


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