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Zen and the Art of Office Management

Posted by themischord on April 25, 2007

My brief tenure as an office assistant has taught me a lot I must say. It is a wonder, how some very simple things are not obvious to people. I feel like screaming out at times! Here is my list of golden principles –

1. Don’t ask people to do things for you. If you are new to the place, ask them how something can be done.

2. Don’t call out for people from your desk. Go to their desk, wait for the person to finish what they r doing and give u attention.

3. When u pick up something from ur colleague’s desk, put it back in place. It is irritating to find one’s table all littered every morning!

4. Even if someone is bitting their nails, u r no one to decide the importance of it. Respect other’s time and space. Request for help and acknowledge their help.

5. Put in more than ur little before asking someone for help. It is not by coincidence that we like to work with people who are ‘self-starters’ and ‘proactive’.

When you quit a job, it is your highest moral duty to ensure that the others in your office don’t miss u!


2 Responses to “Zen and the Art of Office Management”

  1. Kalyan said

    My thoughts about your principles:

    #2: It’s good if you wait for few mins. You can’t keep waiting for ever. Probably, it might be good to ask if it’s a good time and then proceed with you request.

    #4: It’s right unless that person reports to you 🙂

    Have a good one! Thanks

  2. That’s more or less what I meant in #2. Of course, one should always use discretion.

    My whole post was on rules for general colleagues. Not really for the ‘boss’ 🙂 Guess, I should have mentioned the context!

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