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Thank You For Smoking

Posted by themischord on June 29, 2007

This is a very interesting movie adapted from Christopher Buckley’s novel. Nick Naylor is a lobbyist for tobacco. He is brilliant at his job and takes great pride in the challenge. Any one can lobby for red cross, but how many can for tobacco? Which brings the thought, is it about taking up a challenge or doing the right thing? This I think is extremely important to think of.

The conversations in the movie are brilliant. Not coz they are witty, but coz the author shows how easy it is to make fallacious and elusive arguments and get a large audience to fall for it.  Some very interesting conversations are here.


2 Responses to “Thank You For Smoking”

  1. shyam said

    Yup, a nicely made movie. I guess, this is why there is no universal “right” or “wrong”. It is all deduced from the rules of the society.

  2. I agree there is no universal right or wrong. But I think the author cleverly shows something to be wrong here without being explicit. His tool is sarcasm, very very clever sarcasm.

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