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Mugged ‘n Bugged

Posted by themischord on July 6, 2007

Heard the stories, but it is so frustrating to be in one. What’s worse – losing my cards or realizing I have no identity? Stranded outside my apt with no keys, or sleeping through the night thinking of how someone could just walk through the door? Losing my cellphone or realizing that the only phone number I remember is my own? Losing some significant amount of cash or the little plucker I held so fondly as a good memory charm?

Or the fact that I was robbed by kids? Alas, blogging is the only vent to my frustration.

Wish You Were Here.


One Response to “Mugged ‘n Bugged”

  1. kiran said

    oh crap šŸ™‚ too bad chaitu. it seems to be an obligatory experience for everyone in the USA. thank god you are not hurt.

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