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No War Plz, I Can Live In a Cave

Posted by themischord on July 12, 2007

In a previous post, I talked of how I grew up not realizing that India had been behind the world in technology. Today, over a casual lunch talk, I realized that those were really our years of bliss. At the table was a Russian, an American, a Sri Lankan and me, an Indian. The Russian talked of how military drafting was a part of their system from which one could not escape. A nightmare people had to live with. The Sri Lankan agreed.  He said that in his country, the youth got drafted  too – but either into the military or into the terrorist groups. Then there was some discussion about how at one point US almost decided to make drafting a law. And I was asked, “Is it so in India?”. I smiled with pride. Cheers went around that India was a true democracy.

Yes we sure are. Had India been a military super power, had we been at constant war, maybe India would have had drafting laws too. But we aren’t. And I’m glad for that.

This moment of peace is so momentary.


2 Responses to “No War Plz, I Can Live In a Cave”

  1. bari said

    Haven’t we always been in a war with Pakistan ? It is either true democracy or a direct advantage of being in a war with a smaller country than us and having a 100 billion population :).

  2. True, by constant war, I also meant the scale. The war with Pakistan, or the crisis in the eastern region doesn’t affect the majority of the population, their life style and opportunities. Which is what I am thankful for.

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