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Ghar Aa Gayi Par-desi

Posted by themischord on August 12, 2007

When I first traveled out of India, I anticipated a zillion first impressions. Surprisingly, I had almost none significant. The well structured airports, neatly laid out blocks of houses, high-rise downtown buildings, interstate roads, trains transporting u 30 miles-in-30-mins – all called for a simple, ‘yeah?!’ from me. Little surprise. I got to see what I had heard and expected.

I traveled back home, and the facts I grew up with struck me hard. The contrast is huge, striking and scary. Take off from an American city is a picture of the engineering marvels. Land in London, and one sees close to what one visualizes of an English country – brick topped buildings neatly laid out in grids, green and preened (at least it looks so from the sky). The night view of the cities/towns I cannot name on the way, all seemed so structured, until I finally landed in Mumbai which was a bunch of lights scattered randomly. Take-off the next morning was even more disheartening. Huge stretches of Mumbai slums, liberally occupying the heart of the city seemed to mock at me.

Oh well, it isn’t difficulty to forget the mockery. A few minutes and I was in a dream land woven of clouds. The sun shone bright, the music played old memories, and I was served hot breakfast. Not so difficult any more to find bliss in empty spaces.

Final laugh on landing in Hyderabad – Rajiv Gandhi int’l terminal and NTR domestic terminal. May peace reign in my land!


One Response to “Ghar Aa Gayi Par-desi”

  1. Swadesi said

    A very usual thought for most desis when they return to Swades from a Pardes. Most of the time we can’t imagine how bad we are until we see something good.

    The ideal next step would be to think what we can do to make our swades as good as the Pardes we are in. I know many people ponder over it but some would really do something. I am one of those still pondering. But hopefully some day I’d do something. Articles like these remind me of what I need to work on. Thanks!

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