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Viral Computing

Posted by themischord on December 23, 2007

When I first heard of viral advertising, I felt pretty repulsive about it. But really, it is a grand concept.

Combine ideas such as those of Prof. Luis von Ahn’s  on using CAPTCHAs and games to solve computing problems with social networks and one can achieve viral computing!

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Security Through Obscurity

Posted by themischord on December 19, 2007

Though a superhero, Bruce Schneier disdanes the use of a mask or secret identity as ‘security through obscurity’.

Found that on the web somewhere. It’s so funny. To give a little context, Bruce Schneier is crypto and computer security guy. Security through obscurity is the school of thought that systems which are closed/black boxes are secure because people don’t know enough about it to hack. This is generally considered a very weak argument by the security community.

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