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The Tatas Always Make Me Happy

Posted by themischord on October 22, 2008

Why Nano?

The entire portal has been built on open source technologies, involving minimum investment, following the essence of the Nano – low cost, but high technology.

2 Responses to “The Tatas Always Make Me Happy”

  1. manoj said

    good to see your post after a long time…

  2. u597du6b79u79bbu8d2du7269u573au6240u8fd1u4e86u70b9u3002u3002u3002u3002u54c8uff0cu6e2fu5927u6700ppuff0c u54c8u3002 u8ddfu5f20u540cu5b66u7167u4e2au7167u7247u5427u3002u3002u3002u771fu4ebau6f02u4eaeu54c7 Click

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