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Fences and Windows

Posted by themischord on February 1, 2007

In Fences and Windows, Naomi Klein builds her argument against globalization and free trade by citing a series of global protests and campaigns she witnessed. She gives numerous examples of countries which eventually face the truth that the free trade does not come ‘free’.

Some interesting lines of thought from the book

“Does globalization really foster democracy?”

“Communism and capitalism have something in common: they both centralize power in the hands of a few, and they both treat people as if they are less than fully human. Where communism saw them only as potential producers, capitalism sees them only as potential consumers;”

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Posted by themischord on July 21, 2006

Brilliant. George Orwell is a genius for two definite reasons: depth of his imagination and ability to projection it. The book is vivid portrayal of a totalitarian society. A reflection of life where thinking is eliminated; stability in society is achieved through total control of actions and induced thoughts. It is amazing how Orwell uses language to symbolize ideas. One can get a peek at it from his description of Newspeak.

Sadly, the book ends not in the conventional victory of the soul, but in a resignation to the forceful control. I heard his other book Animal Farm, also ends in a tragedy. Makes me wonder if Orwell was a bloody pesimisst. Or does he simply want to send an intense warning.

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Books For The Growing Soul

Posted by themischord on March 7, 2006

Good music and great books; u sure should be able to live away a lifetime with them. I grew up like typical others of my breed, reading teenage detective novels and adventure stories. But I'm glad that at 24 I have begun to explore non-fiction. World politics, Economics, revolutionary writings, investigative journalism… believe me, they _can_ be great fun too. Bunny and I are collecting some good books in the hope to read them and make others read them. Check them out and u know u r welcome to borrow them!

I hated science fiction, till someone said "I like science fiction coz it shows how better the world can be!"

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