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Security Through Obscurity

Posted by themischord on December 19, 2007

Though a superhero, Bruce Schneier disdanes the use of a mask or secret identity as ‘security through obscurity’.

Found that on the web somewhere. It’s so funny. To give a little context, Bruce Schneier is crypto and computer security guy. Security through obscurity is the school of thought that systems which are closed/black boxes are secure because people don’t know enough about it to hack. This is generally considered a very weak argument by the security community.

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God at the Butt End

Posted by themischord on September 27, 2007

My gtalk messages have never been more popular! Thanks to the wisdom of Lavi.

“It is easier to be God – u only have to help those who help themselves.”

An improved, rather next version of this reasoning –

“It is easiest to be God – u only have to wait for people to help themselves and take credit for it.”

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