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The Tatas Always Make Me Happy

Posted by themischord on October 22, 2008

Why Nano?

The entire portal has been built on open source technologies, involving minimum investment, following the essence of the Nano – low cost, but high technology.

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The American Dream Reiterated

Posted by themischord on November 1, 2007

From Wikipedia –
In general, the American dream can be defined as being the opportunity and freedom for all citizens to achieve their goals and become rich and famous if only they work hard enough.

I was at a talk on intellectual property. In the context of a company owning the ideas of its employees, this is a part of the dialog that transpired between a student and a professor of law.

Student: So, if I have a great idea why should I work for a big company and give it away to them?

Prof: Because u need their resources and infrastructure for your research. Of course, if you are from the dot com era, u might just need a laptop. Go buy one and work at home by yourself.
Student: But that is ridiculous. It means that I will have to work 9 to 5 in my office for a living, come home and work on my great idea at night. When it’s mature, quit the company, wait for a while and come out with it. What about my family and kids? When will I spend time with them?

Prof: [Smirks] Yeah, we used to call this ‘the american dream’.

Not to talk of how heart-broken the student looked!

So, the american dream is more inclined to foster corporates? Generally speaking, isn’t that the socio-economic structure of a majority of the societies? Can it be any other way? Can an artist/creator own his creation?

I have hope that publishing houses and recoding companies be history some day. But what about the more fundamental economic protocols?

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Nice Intro To Carnatic Classical

Posted by themischord on September 26, 2007

After a very long break, my renewed interest in carnatic is rewarded by the plentiful resources I found on the web.

I especially like Dr. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman’s site where he’s put up an extensive archive of lessons all the way from the basics to advanced lessons. The lessons are very detailed, explaining the minutae in great depth. It is practically impossible to graduate beyond some levels without sufficient practice and mastery of these details. You will also find an archive of the ‘swaras’ along with explanation of the lyrics – again a great contribution.

Those who take classical music to be alien to their tastes should listen to the 4 part gentle introduction audio primer. It presents the basics of carnatic, contrasts it with western music and can be a good starting point to understanding this great tradition. Just download the audio files onto ur mp3 player. It is totally worth trying them out.

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Zen and the Art of Office Management

Posted by themischord on April 25, 2007

My brief tenure as an office assistant has taught me a lot I must say. It is a wonder, how some very simple things are not obvious to people. I feel like screaming out at times! Here is my list of golden principles –

1. Don’t ask people to do things for you. If you are new to the place, ask them how something can be done.

2. Don’t call out for people from your desk. Go to their desk, wait for the person to finish what they r doing and give u attention.

3. When u pick up something from ur colleague’s desk, put it back in place. It is irritating to find one’s table all littered every morning!

4. Even if someone is bitting their nails, u r no one to decide the importance of it. Respect other’s time and space. Request for help and acknowledge their help.

5. Put in more than ur little before asking someone for help. It is not by coincidence that we like to work with people who are ‘self-starters’ and ‘proactive’.

When you quit a job, it is your highest moral duty to ensure that the others in your office don’t miss u!

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Andy and Bill’s Law

Posted by themischord on March 8, 2007

“What Andy giveth, Bill taketh away.”The origin of this was a funny one-liner told at computer conferences in the 1990s. It went like this: “What Andy giveth, Bill taketh away.” It meant that every time Andy Grove–then chief executive of Intel brought a new chip to market, Bill Gates then CEO of Microsoft would upgrade his software and soak up the new chip’s power.

Mr. Gates, when you take away something good, give us back something good too.

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Posted by themischord on March 7, 2007

Watched this Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship on TV and I’m more than just awed. Apart from the fact that the participants made interesting sand sculptures, I thought the competition rules were really unique. Through out the duration of the competition, the organizers randomly pick a team and blast their structure, making the team start all over again! Ah, and that’s not it, when a structure gets blasted, the others too get affected, what they call as ‘collateral’ damage. And one team actually put sand ‘cannon’ balls in their structure, to ensure that if they went down, they would bring others down too. What an idea!

Check out the photos. They looked better on tv and I bet they looked even better on the beach. How I hated to see them being blasted. Umm… given that I still preserve my painting from high school days- half done and half eaten by termites, I can’t obviously see those pieces of art go bham!

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