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Posted by themischord on November 20, 2007

Excellent presentation. This is what makes me like Michael Moore. His presentation is precise and complete. The issue is investigated in multiple dimensions. In this context, I recall Chomsky’s word of advice on how one should not take information coming from any source (even credible ones) to be a fact without applying one’s discretion and own investigation. This obviously holds for such documentaries too.

The documentary explores the failings of the health care system in the US and the increasing shift of interest from the citizens to the insurance companies. He contrasts this with the socialized health care systems in Canada, UK and France — showing they are not a failure. And as always, he ends it with a brilliant plot (won’t spoil that for you).

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Thank You For Smoking

Posted by themischord on June 29, 2007

This is a very interesting movie adapted from Christopher Buckley’s novel. Nick Naylor is a lobbyist for tobacco. He is brilliant at his job and takes great pride in the challenge. Any one can lobby for red cross, but how many can for tobacco? Which brings the thought, is it about taking up a challenge or doing the right thing? This I think is extremely important to think of.

The conversations in the movie are brilliant. Not coz they are witty, but coz the author shows how easy it is to make fallacious and elusive arguments and get a large audience to fall for it.  Some very interesting conversations are here.

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Posted by themischord on June 14, 2007

I watched the movie Water. It is the story of widows in India, set in a pre-independence era. What struck me most was that no character shed a single drop of tear in any scene. Given the depravity of the situation, I expected to see a lot of crying. Here is where I give the director 5 stars. She shows that laughter and tears are not always the sides of the same coin. In their years of isolation, the widows are shown to have submitted to the tradition, accepting fate and waiting to grow indifferent as the only means of escape. The widows have rare occasions of laughter, but there seemed to be no occasion of tearful distress. Natural? Can someone who has not experienced bliss, truly cry about having lost it?

Trust A. R. Rahman to create amazing music.

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